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Tables Index:

Starch Slurry Density Table Cornstarch Slurry Concentration at 60 oF (15,6oC).

Wheat Starch Density Table Slurry concentration 20 oC and 40 oC

Various Starch Density Table

Conversion Table Conversion of US and imperical units to metric and vice versa.

Steam Table Temperature, heat capacity of water and steam at various pressures.

Screens Conversion of US/metric screens

SI-units Definitions and prefixes

Sodium Carbonate, specific density of solutions

Beaume - Brix - Dry matter Conversion table for Glucose Syrups

Hydrochloric Acid, Beaumé and specific weight and concentration

Stainless Steel Definitions by DIN, ASTM etc.

Fuel energy of various sources, coal, oil etc.

Container dimensions of 20' DC, 40' DC and 40' HQ. Pallets

MSDS Material Safety Data Sheets on native and modified starches and technical manufacturing materials.

DS Data Sheets on starch and derived products.

Pharmacopeia Monograph's on starch.