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Amarant, common name used for plants with blossoms that do not readily fade when picked, but especially for about 50 species of one genus found in the Tropics and temperate regions where many are widely naturalized. They are herbaceous annuals with simple leaves, and flowers in heads or spikes. The spikes are sometimes several centimetres long. Love-lies-bleeding has dry red bracts that surround the flower which allows them to retain their freshness for some time. For this reason the plant is a symbol of immortality. The annual tumbleweed of the United States belongs to this genus. The globe amaranth, of the same family but a different genus, has purple flowers that retain their beauty for years.

The starch granules of Amaranth are very small and modified Amaranth starch is proposed as a fat substitute in foods.

Scientific classification: Amaranths belong to the family Amaranthaceae. Love-lies-bleeding is classified as Amaranthus caudatus, tumbleweed as Amaranthus graecizans. The globe amaranth is classified as Gomphrena globosa.