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Beli Manastir 2001
The old sugar factory in Beli Manastir did not look nice, when we paid our first visit in 2001. The civil war had affected the factory badly and its process was outdated.

The factory, however, is located in a fertile European Corn Belt - the real asset of the factory. On local TV we presented a plan for a corn based sugar process in refurbished buildings.

New owners grabbed the idea and asked us to assist with its realization.
Belje after refurbishing
The new refurbished Starch Sugar Factory.
Beli Manastir Glucose Factory

Phase One of the rehabilitation of the Beli Manastir sugar factory as a  glucose- and dextrose plant has been accomplished.

It is realized, however, that turning an agricultural crop into starch is in essence where profit is created. A new starch project (Phase Two) is therefore closer to take off than ever.

The old sugar factory Beli Manastir, Croatia has been refurbished. Now EUR 42 million later starch sweetener technology has been installed. The factory is now on stream with the following production lines:
  • Crystalline Dextrose Monohydrate
  • Liquid Glucose Syrup
  • Maltodextrine Powder
SaccaharificationThe new starch sugars ad new life with improved future to the old Beli Manastir sugar factory compared to the previous beet sugar economy.