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Supply of turn key plants for starch, sweeteners and biofuel goes hand in hand with R&D

Research & Development are working companions in a modern engineering enterprise. This site lists some of the things we are up to.

New extention of Karup potato starch factory to 300 t potatoes per hour ~ 70 t starch per hour. Video
Factory_button Turnkey supply is very attractive. Investors may focus on return on investment - product and the economy - and leave it to the turnkey supplier to adapt the process and the various production sections seamlessly. Fast on stream with the quality and capacity as expected.
Manastir Beli Manastir.  Phase One of the rehabilitation of the Beli Manastir sugar factory as a glucose- and dextrose plant has been accomplished.
Extractor_button Centrifugal screens are used for extracting tuber and root starches. Today we also apply larger screens. Some with a diameter of one meter and a throughput of rasping from as much as 50 tones of potatoes or 30 tones of cassava per hour. The sieve itself ...
HC_button Hydrocyclones HC are essential tools in the concentration, refining and washing of starch slurries. A third generation of hydrocyclones are applied ...
High Pressure Hydrocyclones HPHC are particular efficients for cornstarch wet milling primary separation and refining
Layout_button SmartPlant is the ultimate design tool. It cuts erection cost on site and increase engineering and design productivity...
Advise_button Technical Advisory Service is part of after sales service offered to clients. It means that we might even run the factory on a management contract after commissioning or supply long term technical advise and training on site. A three year plan ...
Train_button Training is adapted to training needs and takes the form of VIP training courses, staff training on site and follow up sessions. It pays off ...
Landspreading_button Waste is Money. Once the non-starch constituents of starchy raw materials were considered a waste. These days are over. Now all constituents are valuable.
Jonathan Cassava Flour. Cassava is an excellent wheat flour extender. All you need are fresh cassava roots and a continuous confined and hygienic  process takes care of the rest.