Technical Advisory Service and Management.
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Technical management part of the support scheme.

Technical management of the plant after commissioning is an attractive part of our after sales service.

Technical assistance may be accomplished by positioning a technical advisor or a technical manager on location.  Smooth operation from day one  allow factory management to focus on customer relations and their needs. It all ends up with a faster penetration on the market and along with a quality assurance program it gives access to the most demanding international markets.

StaffCouchingLong term technical assistance is offered on a Technical Management Contract - typical on a three year basis with possible extension.

Initial technical assistance is comforting for the management, the owners and investors and last but not least for the customers.

The position of the technical advisor resembles that of a ship pilot. No matter how comforting and necessary he is when sailing in narrow and unknown waters, he will not at any time remove the responsibility off the captain's shoulders.

A technical manager has full responsibility to the board - just like any other manager hired directly by the board themselves. The difference is that our technical manager will have the required skills when he starts and enjoy full backup and support from home. If he for any reason wants to be released from his duty - be it illness or home-sickness, we take care of replacement, so factory operations continues undisturbed.

Although a technical advisor and a technical manager both have staff training as an important objective, dedicated training is convenient accomplished as a training package.
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